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In the village of Besalma since 1966 operates the first History and Ethnographic Museum in Gagauzia. Since this year, the local librarian obtains the right to place his own materials about the people of Gagauzia, in the building of the local council in Besalma. The work was started by his own, later has been expanded and attracted people with similar thoughts. Thus, the museum began to expand its collection with new exhibits. Dumitru Caraciobanu started traveling in different countries and villages, searching and collecting valuable objects from the attics of local houses and from the flea markets.

Over time, the museum has passed into the management of the state, being visited by scientists and simple people, who wanted to know more about the Gagauzia region, the museum being the only one in the whole world dedicated specifically to the culture of the Gagauz people. Today, the museum fund counts over 15 thousand exhibits from Gagauz culture and household items. The exhibits are presented at expositions both, in the Republic of Moldova and abroad.

In the process of developing the museum, an important event was the appearence of the photo laboratory, where were mounted videous, filmed during the events organized in the villages of the Bugeac steppe. Today, in the small cinema, you can watch videos about the Gagauz people, and listen to fascinating stories from local guides – children of the founder Dmitry Caracioban.

Visit the National Gagauzian Museum of History and Ethnography in Besalma with our tours in Gagauzia:

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