The natural flora of Gagauzia includes 1,700 species of fern-shaped and flowering plants, such as oak, hornbeam wood, scoopia, silver goof, pear goofy, cornflower Angelescu. Deciduous species of trees prevail in the forests of Gagauzia – such as oak, acacia, less common are silver linden, maple, birch bark, dogwood, wild cherries and pears.

The wildlife of Gagauz autonomy includes several hundred species of vertebrates. Invertebrates in this area can be found a little less. Among mammals, the largest are wild boars, as well as a badger, squirrel, fox, gopher, marten.



Birds, rooted and migratory, are more than 200 species. Larks, black and songbirds, woodpeckers, nightingales, rooks and long-eared owls live in the forests. In the steppes you can find quail, gray partridge, steppe eagle, bustard.

Due to the rapid development of industry, the vegetation cover currently occupies small areas. For the same reason, the number of wild animals in the natural environment has fallen significantly. Natural steppes are preserved only in small areas of Gagauzia.


In the XVIII century, the grass cover of the steppe looked like a continuous carpet of various plants with rich forbs in human growth. At the beginning of the 20th century, these territories were fully developed and cultivated. At present, only small sections of the steppe vegetation represented by feather grass and fescue have remained in the steppes.