Gagauzian cuisine

Gagauz cuisine is in many ways similar to cuisine of other people of the Balkan region. The mild climate and great love for the feast, contribute to a wide selection of dishes. The Gagauzians honor their traditions, their cuisine has evolved over the centuries, collecting both the features of a nomadic lifestyle and the elements of cuisine in places of settledness. Gagauz cuisine is replete with dishes based on milk and meat. An important part of the diet is flour-based products, especially pastries, including puff pastry with feta cheese. Among the national dishes, one can note the dish “gözlemya”, “kyvyrma” (puff pastry with cottage cheese), “kabakly” – sweet roll made from pumpkin, “saarma” and Gagauz marinades – “turshu”.

Tomatoes and peppers are widely used in cooking dishes, from which residents prepare spicy sauce. Gagauz profess Orthodox Christianity, therefore, in cooking, they often use pork, and drinks – wine. Red wine is served literally with all dishes. Local people also cook pilaf based on bulgur – coarse wheat grits.

One of the main ingredients of Gagauz cuisine is myurdya. It includes dried shredded feathers of onions, garlic, dill, parsley and nectaroskorum. Ground black pepper and salt are also put in the murdia. Gagauz people cook it at home.