Weekend in Gagauzia

We invite you to spend the weekend – three unforgettable days in Gagauzia. You will see the main attractions of the region, find out how the hospitable Gagauzians live and what they do, the history of these places, traditions and customs of the southern people. Of course, all this will be accompanied by fun, traditional dishes and wines. As part of a trip to Gagauzia, in three days we will visit the cities of Comrat, Ceadir-Lunga, the villages of Besalma, Gaidar, Congaz and Avdarma.

  • 1

    Arrival at Chisinau International Airport

  • 2

    Transfer to Gagauzia

    Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia (ATO) is located in the south of Moldova. Gagauzia is an amazing and mysterious land, that attracts more and more attention, and it is always interesting to return back. In addition to rich history and traditions, the main value of this region are the people who are friendly, hardworking, amazing, and receive guests with all generosity. It is assumed that the ancestors of the Gagauz were Turkic nomads, who arrived in the Balkans around the 10th century.

  • 3

    Accommodation at “Gagauz Sofrasi”

    Accommodation in a hotel or guest eco-houses.

  • 4

    City tour in Comrat

    You will get acquainted with the capital of Gagauzia – it is the center and the largest city of Gagauzia. The name Comrat consists of two words of Turkic origin “komur-at”, which means “black horse”. One of the legends says, that a certain “khan” named the village in honor of his horse, who carried the wounded owner from the battlefield. During the tour you will learn the history of the city, visit the most important and interesting sights.

  • 5

    Welcome Dinner at the “Gagauz Sofrasi”

    A unique opportunity to taste the traditional dishes of Gagauz cuisine, prepared according to old recipes from local products.

  • 1

    Breakfast at “Gagauz Sofrasi”

    Continental breakfast is served.

  • 2

    Transfer to Besalma village

    The village Besalma was founded in 1791. The village is famous for its custom to preserve the traditions and culture of the Gagauz people.

  • 3

    Excursion to the Gagauz Museum in Besalma

    Visiting the world's first museum of Gagauz Culture and Life, named after Dmitry Cara-Ciobanu, getting known with more than 15,000 exhibits. Optionally - photo shoot in national costumes.Visit to the windmill.

  • 4

    Transfer to village Avdarma

    Avdarma is a small village, founded in 1811, the name is translated from the Turkic language as “hunting camp”.

  • 5

    Nogai spring

    According to historians, about 450 years ago, here was formed the first settlement, which later became the village Avdarma.

  • 6

    Lunch at restaurant “Shashlychnaya №1”

    Dishes of European and Gagauz cuisine will amaze you with their variety and taste, and the meat cooked on charcoal, will turn you into a true connoisseur of gratar dishes.

  • 7

    Transfer to village Gaidar

    The first mention of the village of Gaidar dates back to 1806. The name comes from the Arabic word “Lion“. We will get acquainted with the history of the village, and will visit memorable places.

  • 8

    Visiting Carpet Museum in Gaidar

    In this unique museum you will get acquainted not only with more than 300 exhibits, but also you will see with your own eyes the process of making yarn and carpets from sheep’s wool.

  • 9

    Transfer Ceadir-Lunga

    Ceadir-Lunga is the second largest city in Gagauzia, founded in 1812. Its name comes from the Turkish word “Chadyr“ - a tent, a camp, and “Lunga“ - the name of the river on which the city is located.

  • 10

    Visit AT-PROLIN horse farm

    Acquaintance with AT-PROLIN, the single farm in Moldova for breeding Orlov Cheaters, as well as the only hippodrome in the country. At will, guests will be able to ride and arrange a photo shoot with horses.

  • 11

    Transfer to Congaz village

    Congaz is one of the largest village in Europe in terms of population (13,500 inhabitants), which is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

  • 12

    Ethno-tourist complex “Gagauz Sofrasi”

    Dinner. Free time. Overnight stay.

  • 1

    Breakfast at the “Gagauz Sofrasi”

    Continental breakfast is served.

  • 3

    Transfer to Chisinau

    Return in the capital of Moldova.

  • 3

    Free time

    Visiting the souvenir market, the opportunity to purchase souvenirs from Moldova

  • 4

    Transfer to Chisinau International Airport

Tour price:

1-3 persons 4-7 persons 8-18 persons 19-40 persons
Not available from €225/pers. from €160/pers. from €125/pers.

Included in the price:

  • Transport throughout the route
  • Accommodation for 2 nights in a double room (hotel 3*)
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Welcome dinner (1st evening)
  • Excursions according to the program
  • Guide service
  • Entrance tickets according to the program

Additional fee:

  • International air travel
  • Health insurance
  • Accommodation in single room
  • Meals (lunch and dinner)

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